Every Pen Is Made by Hand

About Ken's Pens

With a Little Help from My Friends

A few years back on my birthday, I received the terrific gift of a pen lathe from my brother-in-law, Mike Albert.  He said I needed a hobby and set me to pen school.  A few days later, my good friend Bob McVicker presented me with the special tools that I needed to machine acrylics and exotic woods into fine pens.

I was hooked. During my first year making pens, I gifted over a hundred pens to friends and family just to make sure that I learned my craft.  I now consider myself a pen craftsman and enjoy the process of designing, machining, and presenting pens to my clients.  It's great work.

Please contact me and tell me about the pen you always wanted.  Or, let's design a pen for a client, co-worker, family member or that special person in your life.